Postcards of Cornwall

 This diagram shows the buildings (colored gray) which were lost in the Great Fire of August 7, 1933.

    At the South end of the block, only the stone Post Office and brick Royal Bank of Canada (LH) were saved.

    At the North end, (corner of Third) only Jardine’s Furniture store (which was also  brick) escaped the flames.

    The fire spread East across Pitt, to two buildings near Third Street—Walkers Store and the Copeland Block.

    Fire claimed half the block along the North and South sides of Third Street West, including the venerable Victoria Arena.


    For a great photocard of the Copeland Block, corner of Pitt and Third, see the Pitt Street Section where cards, 2 & 3 show the building and its location.


Click on the flame to proceed to the images.                —Lily Worrall Collection